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Ukraine: a convoy of 100 French firefighters will deliver relief equipment


Ukraine needs humanitarian aid more than ever A convoy of a hundred French firefighters will therefore leave Paris tomorrow and travel more than 2,000 kilometers to the border between Romania and Ukraine to deliver to their colleagues with emergency equipment and vehicles.

France in solidarity with Ukraine. While the country is still suffering the brunt of the Russian offensive, a French convoy of 100 firefighters and rescuers will transport equipment and emergency vehicles to the border between Romania and Ukraine.

A convoy of 21 new ambulances to complete the donation

“A hundred firefighters and rescuers will bring the vehicles and equipment donated to the border with Ukraine on March 23: 11 fire engines, 16 personal rescue vehicles and 23 trucks carrying 49 tons of medical equipment and emergency equipment (protective equipment, hand ladders, fire hoses, medical equipment, etc.), “reads the press release from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Interior. The ministries add that “a convoy of 21 new ambulances left on March 22 completes this donation”.

“27 vehicles, ambulances or tank trucks, will be given to Ukrainian firefighters but also 50 tonnes of freight”, specifies Colonel Jean-Philippe Nicot, who directs the operations, at the microphone of Europe 1. “Very concretely, we are going to bring them protective jackets, trousers, helmets for firefighters, shoes for intervening in urban fires and then medicines, bandages”, he explains. The firefighters taking part in the operation are “very proud and very enthusiastic”.

The emotion is at its height

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“The emotion is already palpable today,” says Jean-Philippe Nicot. “The fact of concretely seeing this convoy which is being prepared and which will leave Paris tomorrow at 6 a.m. There you go. Ukrainians”.

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