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Ukraine: bombardments resume on Kiev “transformed into a fortress”


This Friday, March 11 marks the resumption of bombardments in Kiev. The army advances in the city and targets the Ukrainian army to the west and north of the city. Nearly 20,000 people have already evacuated the Kiev region on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the Ukrainian authorities.

The lull was short-lived. This Friday morning, the ceasefire is no longer valid and the city of Kiev has again been bombarded. The Russian tanks are advancing and after reaching the outskirts of Kiev, they try to eliminate the Ukrainian defenses to the west and north of the city.

Military pressure in Kiev

The sun is misleading this morning over Kiev. The sounds of war were again audible in the west of the city. If it is difficult to identify all these noises, we can see the departure of rockets and missiles, probably also aerial bombardments. Farther on, the prolonged rumble of the explosion of aircraft bombs echoed through the city. These noises were audible from the West, which means that the military pressure is taking place around the Irpin and Boutcha sectors.

At the checkpoints in Kiev, which control access to the western area of ​​the city, some armored vehicles have appeared. A sign that indicates the need felt by the Ukrainian authorities to further strengthen the defenses in this area.

The Russian army is also trying to eliminate Ukrainian defenses in several localities to the west and north of the capital to “block” it, explained the Ukrainian general staff. If there are just under two million inhabitants in the capital – half of its population has already fled – “Kiev has turned into a fortress”, said the mayor, Vitali Klitschko to AFP.

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