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Ukraine: how Westerners investigate to prove war crimes


Three new investigations have been opened in France for “war crimes” likely to have been committed against French nationals in recent weeks in Ukraine. The European Union promises to send investigators to help collect evidence.

Several NGOs are already working to collect evidence of these war crimes committed in Ukraine. Among them, Amnesty International, whose Evidence Research Office is active. Europe 1 visited an investigator, who works from Paris.

“This bombardment must constitute a war crime”

Make the bombs speak… and the images. Ray dissects the videos circulating on the internet, locates them, dates them, crosses them. “You can see here a building with a fairly characteristic curved shape … And it corresponds to this shape that you see on the satellite images”, she explains to Europe 1. But more details are needed. “In this other video we see three victims. They are in civilian clothes. And if I zoom out: you can see a hospital, a school! Everything less than 500 meters from the bombarded place. There is no target military around. This bombardment could therefore constitute a war crime”, she continues.

Illustrate best what is happening

His work complements that of investigators in Ukraine who record testimonies, those of analysts who determine the type of weapons used. The aim of our research is to best illustrate what is happening in a given area. Participating in the fact that the sponsors of these acts must be held accountable, that keeps us going.

Because everything is compiled to be one day perhaps made available to the authorities and enrich judicial investigations.

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