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Ukraine: In Kiev, residents take advantage of the ceasefire to return to normality


Fifteen days after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia decreed the establishment of local ceasefires to evacuate civilians. In Kiev, the inhabitants take advantage of these moments of calm to find a semblance of normal life.

While Kiev has lived in relative calm for two days with a well-respected ceasefire on Thursday March 9, despite air alerts and planes passing by, the inhabitants who remained are starting to go out again in an atmosphere of suspended life. .

“I believe in my strength”

For two days, ceasefires and humanitarian corridors have brought some calm to the Ukrainian capital. The inhabitants take the opportunity to get out of the cellars where they have been sheltering for two weeks. In Khreshchatyk, the Champs-Elysées in Kiev, the crowd is back. Crows, a talking traffic light and more than a dozen cars for six lanes within sight. Nearly twenty people move over more than a kilometer. On the way, Sergei, a resident of Kiev, returns from shopping: “flour, milk and medicine”, he lists at the microphone of Europe 1. “for meat, it’s more difficult , but it is. The main thing is bread, and there is still some. It’s terrible but life goes on in any case”, he continues.

Eleonora’s dogs continue to pull on the leashes, as incorrigible as their mistress: “there are the sirens but I’m going for a walk. The bombs can fly but I’m going to walk my dogs”, she explains. “Of course I’m scared. Only fools aren’t scared. But you know, I believe in my strength. I know what’s inside me, I know what I’m capable of, that I can resist to these hardships. I have this faith to believe that it will end well. In the end, everything will be fine,” she continues.

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“I went out to work”

Another also cracked and took his bike out in the cold, without gloves: “I went out to work, to make deliveries, I was fed up with this situation”, he confides. Bags full of sheets and towels, Irina and her daughter plan to move away: “We leave the subway shelter and go home. It’s been quiet for several nights. We’re going to leave in the countryside,” says Irina. The fourteen other passers-by dispersed. Impertinence in the face of war has its limits, like these fragile ceasefires.

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