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Ukraine: in the middle of the war, French students seek to leave Russia


While French nationals are stranded in Ukraine, in the whirlwind of war, others enrolled in universities are also trying to flee the country led by Vladimir Putin. Sophie is on exchange in Yaroslavl, near Moscow, and wishes to return to France after the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If French nationals seek to flee Ukraine, others like Sophie, a student at the University of Poitiers, want to flee Russia. In exchange in Yaroslavl, a city located a few hours from Moscow, she is seeking to leave the country as recommended since this Sunday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sophie, currently in Russian territory, tells Europe 1: “Since then, I have only been looking for plane tickets all day. The prices had risen sharply. There were even tickets going up to at 6,000 euros. So, I searched a bit on all the sites. By chance, I came across a plane ticket at 450 euros, which is really exceptional. Now, I find myself going to Serbia on Sunday. I hope the border won’t be closed since my ticket is non-refundable and I have absolutely no other fallback option.”

A risk of being “taken hostage”?

Border closures are increasing around Russia. In France, the heads of establishments strongly encourage their students to return. Christine Fernandez, coordinator of the International Relations network of French universities, shares her fears. “We actually believe that his students, his colleagues who have been able to stay in Russia currently by their will or because they cannot find means of transport, will eventually be taken hostage”, she fears. our microphone.

In addition to returning by plane with multiple stopovers, some young French people choose to take the bus to Estonia when they find a ticket. Expensive and long journeys of several days await them.

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