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Ukraine: the Kiev Philharmonic continues to play under sirens and gunfire


While officially a ceasefire is underway around major Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kiev, the war against Russian armed forces is still ongoing. Amid the disarray, the city’s philharmonic orchestra played a concert on Wednesday, aimed at Ukrainians who remained behind.


Last balance for the Kyiv Philharmonic before a concert in defiance of war. In full threat of invasion of the Russian army in the capital of Ukraine, and this despite the establishment of a ceasefire, the philharmonic orchestra played a concert at 1 p.m. local time. A concert organized in Maidan Square, the Independence Square. Then the sirens sounded, because the war is also playing its part, as related by the special envoy of Europe 1, Nicolas Tonev.

Music under the sound of planes and missile fire

On the place of independence, the air alert was heard a few minutes before the scheduled time. A moment of dismay, but the conductor decided to stay the course to make the music resonate in the capital. At the same time, planes pass in the sky, the reactors raise heads. In the distance, anti-aircraft missile fire slams into the clouds. In sign of support, the angry national anthem resounds on Maidan.

“It’s beautiful to hear, it’s magnificent”, testifies a woman, present on this symbolic place. A second abounds: “It’s the Russian funeral concert.”

“Musicians cannot stay apart”

Hidden behind his score, Andrei, the discreet tambourine, wanted to be there, as he confides to the microphone of Europe 1. “Everyone in the country today must be behind the nation”, he assures. “In these difficult times, musicians cannot remain apart, without music, without art, without literature… It is no longer a life”, adds Andrei.

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Applause rings out. The concert only lasted less than half an hour, but the music had its effect. Spectators take over with cries of glory to Ukraine.

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