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Ukraine: what is the lend-lease law, signed by Joe Biden?


United States President Joe Biden reaffirmed his support for Ukraine by signing a new military assistance law in kyiv on Monday. This lend-lease law is an exceptional device that the Americans had not used since the Second World War. It will make it easier to supply arms to Ukraine.

The symbolism is very strong. Joe Biden impersonated Franklin Roosevelt on Monday. In 1941, when the United States had not yet entered the war, the Democratic president had signed a so-called “Lend-Lease” law to supply arms to countries fighting against the Nazi regime. 81 years later, the current President of the United States did the same, to support Ukraine militarily and to be able to send it weapons more easily.

A law to avoid long procedures

Joe Biden once again denounced the brutal war led by Vladimir Putin and the need for Washington to defend Ukrainian democracy. “Every day Ukrainians are paying with their lives and fighting. The atrocities the Russians are committing are simply unconscionable. This fight is costly, but giving in to aggression would be even more so,” he said.

This law gives more authority to the American president. It makes it easier for the White House to lend or lease arms to Ukraine without going through lengthy congressional procedures. A way for Washington to open the floodgates. Because on the American side, it is estimated that the war is now a long-term one and that the president must therefore be given the means to act and react quickly to help the allies even more.

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