June 18, 2021

Pet Grooming Products Market Globalize Owing to Rapidly Growing Industry Across the Region and Forecast 2029

Pet grooming holds immense significance for owners of companion animals, and this trend shall usher an era of growth and maturity within the global market. The use of pet grooming products is not a nascent trend, and people have used combs, nets, and washing liquids to groom and domesticate their pets. However, the current times have witnessed the development of new and advanced products for grooming dogs, cats, and other companion animals. The rising spending of the masses on pet grooming has created new inlets for market growth and maturity. Furthermore, lifestyle changes have brought people closer to their companion animals. The bar of revenues within the global pet grooming products market is set to escalate in the times to follow.

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In a syndicate review on the global pet grooming market, several trends and opportunities pertaining to market maturity have been enunciated. The global pet grooming products market is undergoing a phase of rapid growth and transformation as a large population of people opens up to the idea of pet adoption. Furthermore, several organizations are making conscious efforts to humanize people about pet adoption. The propensity of the masses to adopt stray animals has played an integral role in market growth.

Global Pet Grooming Products Market: Notable Developments

  • A recent research conducted at by the US Census Bureau finds that spending on pet-care doubled over the period between 2007 and 2017. The findings of the research have come as a cue for investors looking to put their money into the global pet grooming products.
  • Manufacturers of pet grooming products are focusing on fostering innovation in the market. Some of the common products pertaining to this market are brushes, deodorizers, grooming wipes, and bath accessories. The sale of these products has increased as manufacturers experiment with flavours, sizes, and colours.

Key players in the global pet grooming products market:

  • Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
  • Earthbath
  • Spectrum Brands
  • Resco

Global Pet Grooming Products Market: Growth Drivers

  • Growing Adoption of Companion Animals

A large number of people owners believe that their companion animals are a part of their social circle. Several people prefer to groom, pamper, and take care of their pets on off days, instead of going out to socialise. This trend has helped market vendors in ascending to new heights of recognition and growth. Furthermore, a large population of people considers their furry animals a part of their family. This propensity shall surely help in driving demand within the global pet grooming market. The growing trend of nuclear families has led to greater adoption of pets. Besides, youngsters often move into separate homes due to work and education commitments, often leading them to adopt pets. Therefore, rising adoption of pets is an important dynamic of market growth and maturity.

  • Changing Lifestyles and Preferences of the Masses

In the contemporary times, pet adoption has become an easy and simple process. Before getting the custody of a companion animal, people are required to fill up forms that can be used for further investigation for a person’s intent to adopt pets.  This trend ensures that the pets are safe at the hands of their new masters. Furthermore, it also puts an onus upon pet owners to nourish and take care of their pets. Therefore, the demand for pet grooming products is set to rise by a dramatic chase. Some of the commonly used pet grooming products include combs, shear and trimming kits, conditioners, soaps, and shampoos. The growing value of these products, especially for grooming furry animals such as dogs and cats, has driven market demand.

The global pet grooming products market can be segmented by:

Product Type

  • Brushes
  • Deodorizers
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Shower & Bath Accessories
  • Grooming Wipes
  • Electric Clippers & Blades

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