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United States: for his electoral reform, Biden supports the right to vote for minorities


On the occasion of their trip to Georgia on Tuesday, to defend the right to vote in the United States, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris gave a speech to students in Atlanta, the city of Martin Luther King. While Joe Biden wants to make it easier for minorities to vote, his electoral reform is blocked by Republicans. Our editorial writer Vincent Hervouët returns to the subject.

When he was elected, Joe Biden promised a consensus with the Republicans on major reforms, immigration, employment, the environment, etc. He, at least, after 40 years screwed to his seat as a Senator, knew the mysteries of Congress, not like this Trump from New York who was going, he said, to put an end to the politics of division in Washington.

Biden is going all out

Old age is not necessarily a shipwreck, it can be a paddling pool. For a year, Joe Biden has been floundering in Congress. It took a simplified procedure to urgently pass its recovery plan. He has just failed to pass his major infrastructure reform. And he plays his political all-out, with this electoral reform.

What is it about ? To standardize the voting rules in the fifty states. The White House accuses southern states of conspiring to dissuade minorities from voting.

For example, governors want to prohibit the distribution of free drinks or meals in queues at polling stations. Joe Biden opposes it. Others would require the voter to show ID with a photograph. Biden is outraged. There are also those who want to limit postal voting or early voting, on the pretext that after the “zoubia” of the recounts in the year 2000, then the feverish contestation of the result last year, it is time to secure voting. The president pretends to be outraged…

He went to say it Tuesday in Georgia…

Last week, he gave a cannon speech on Capitol Hill and without ever naming Donald Trump, he denounced him as a reincarnation of Nero watching Rome in flames. On Tuesday, he was in Atlanta for another conjuring session. He went to pray at Martin Luther King’s grave. Joe Biden is always eloquent when he silently prays in front of a swarm of cameras. He was accompanied by Kamala Harris, the most famous of the extras. They made a pilgrimage together to the Baptist church where the icon of the struggle for civil rights officiated.

Joe Biden wants to try the forced passage in the Senate

You know that there is perfect equality in the number of seats: 50 Democrats, 50 Republicans. And to decide between them, the voice of Kamala Harris, who is not only the putative widow of Joe Biden, she is also President of the Senate and her voice therefore makes the difference. Might as well take advantage of it before taking a beating in the elections next November.

Except that there is a rule, that of the “filibuster” which means that in the Senate a law can meet a determined opposition consisting in blocking the vote by interminable speeches until the abandonment of the law under discussion or the summoning of a final vote where a majority of 3/5, or sixty elected members, is needed to adopt it. Joe Biden wants to liquidate this cumbersome tradition. He presents it as a relic of the racist era. 51 votes out of 100 is quite enough when you have a pure heart, and African-Americans with you. But even 51 votes, he is not sure to get them.

It is a new crisis in perspective, while the popularity of the president is at its lowest. With Joe Biden, the Americans thought they were embarking on a health walk, they find themselves in a stock car race. One crisis after another. A new crisis to forget the previous one. Inflation, unemployment, crime, migrants at the border, covid: all the lights are red. The President now has only symbolic victories and resounding defeats to mobilize his electoral base.

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