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Valorant: following a particularly violent clip, this streamer was permanently banned


In recent years, video game publishers and other video streaming and hosting platforms have been trying to clean up the toxicity that reigns on the web. A long-term job often concluded by a temporary or permanent suspension. And in the case of this YouTube streamer, the suspension was immediate.

immediate punishment

In online games, toxicity is almost ubiquitous. While some games stand out with a friendly community, many are plagued by toxic behavior, bullying, inappropriate behavior, and misogyny. To deal with these abuses, many publishers have implemented effective reporting and sanction methods. Some are more effective than others, with the most flexible usually meeting with disgruntlement from players. And unfortunately for their fans, but some genres seem to bring out the toxic side of gamers more, like FPS and MOBA.

Popular genres dominated in particular by Riot Games, which has established itself as a renowned publisher with League of Legends then Valorant. Only this week, a particularly virulent clip resurfaced. We find the streamer IShowSpeed, with 6.9 million subscribers on YouTube, insulting his teammates.

I now understand why Valorant queues are so unbelievably toxic. You got one of the most popular streamers on YouTube IShowSpeed ​​saying crap like this and getting nothing but praise and laughs. crap is whack pic.twitter.com/grEghVotUF

April 6, 2022

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“I now understand why Valorant’s queues are so incredibly toxic. One of YouTube’s most popular streamers, IShowSpeed, says bullshit like that and only gets praise and laughs. That’s bullshit. Fuck”

A clip from several months ago in which the videographer can be heard saying: “What’s up*****? Is it a bitch talking to me? Is it a female talking to me? Quit the fuckin’ game and go do the dishes for your fuckin’ husband?“. A speech that is not surprising given the character. And for good reason, IShowSpeed ​​is not at its first attempt with regard to the toxicity involved. But faced with the negative enthusiasm aroused by this clip, the streamer wanted to apologize.

.@JakeSucky @Chen sorry pic.twitter.com/IR0V08qtYx

April 7, 2022

The virulent clip was notably aimed at influential people, such as Lester Chen, global head of gaming content creators on YouTube, as well as a producer of ValorantSara Dadafshar. Dadafshar has already said that he took the lead and banned IShowSpeed ​​from Valorant and all other Riot games. Lester Chen, meanwhile, said he was “on the spot” in response to Lucky’s tweet criticizing Speed. YouTube is therefore conducting an investigation to find out whether the influential videographer deserves a sanction or not.

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Especially since IShowSpeed ​​is no stranger to toxicity-related penalties. Last December, his Twitch channel was permanently suspended after the videographer threatened to rape influencer Ash Kaash if they were the only two people still alive on Earth. Words condemnable which may well catch up with IShowSpeed ​​again, while YouTube examines its case for a sanction. Faced with the scale of this case, the platform could well find itself in the obligation to permanently suspend its chain.

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