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Visual Studio 2022 should be noticeably faster on Mac


Microsoft announces the release of Visual Studio 2022 for macOS, a minor update to its development environment that comes with big changes under the hood. They won’t all be visible, but the company has changed the interface to make it more native macOS, as promised last year. It will remain well off the platform standards, but it should improve performance.

Visual Studio 2022 (Microsoft Image)

The other change on the speed side is the move under the hood to .NET 6, a new version of Microsoft’s development platform. This update also makes Visual Studio 2022 a universal app, optimized for both Intel Macs and those that have switched to an Apple Silicon chip. Between the improved interface and these optimized bases, Microsoft announces notable performance gains: 50% faster to open large files than Visual Studio 2019, for example.

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The update is also an opportunity to bring back some functions from Windows. In particular, the version tracking integration with Git is better, with a dedicated window for changes made on the project. You can also drag and drop tools into a window and move inside a word with the keyboard. Full details can be found in the blog post that accompanies the update.

Visual Studio is available for free at this address, although some functions are reserved for paid versions of the app. macOS 10.15 is required at least and the app is translated into French.

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