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War in Ukraine: a month after the start of the clashes, where are the Russian forces?


In Kharkiv, at least six people were killed and 15 injured on Thursday. One month to the day after the launch of this war, the Russian forces are no longer advancing. Today, the French army is asking itself the question of knowing if the soldiers are in a phase of break or operational breakdown. Decryption.

Is the Russian army in a pause or operational breakdown phase in the war in Ukraine? If the French army is asking the question, it is because several logistics convoys are attacked by the Ukrainians in the rear. The Russians must therefore first secure their maneuvers before thinking of gaining ground, but the weather is not favorable to them.

The flood of the Irpine River slows them down in the encirclement of the capital and the early thaw has started in the west and the battle tanks are in danger of getting bogged down.

Ukrainian forces face

Last obstacle: the Ukrainian army. She holds up well. Ukrainian forces have just destroyed a Russian troop carrier in the Sea of ​​Azov. This will delay a possible landing, analyzes a senior French officer. The Russian army is no longer advancing, but in Paris, it is believed to be preparing a major intervention towards Dnipro, in the west of the country, which would allow it to surround the 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers who hold the Donbass front.

But apart from a few localities, the Ukrainian soldiers do not at this stage have the means to carry out a massive counter-attack and will doubtless not succeed in initiating a withdrawal of the Russian troops.

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