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War in Ukraine: after Boutcha, a new horror scene in Borodianka


Nearly 26 bodies were pulled out of the rubble of two buildings hit by Russian strikes on Thursday in Borodianka. In this new horror scene, the search continues this Friday and Ukrainian soldiers expect to discover many mass graves with several dozen bodies of civilians killed.


“The Ukrainian people deserve our solidarity.” These are the words of Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, en route to kyiv this Friday morning with Josep Borrel, head of EU diplomacy. The Ukrainian capital, less threatened in this war, is trying to be reborn despite the many macabre discoveries in its surroundings.

After the Boutcha massacre with its dozens of civilians killed in the middle of the street, a new scene of horror took place in Borodianka. In this city northwest of kyiv, Volodymyr Zelensky ensures that there are still more victims.

Scenes of rape and torture

On Thursday, 26 bodies were pulled from the rubble in two apartment buildings and it’s certainly not over. The search continues on Friday. According to the prosecutor, cluster bombs were used there. A soldier told Europe 1 that he expected to discover many mass graves with dozens or even hundreds of civilian bodies.

Here again, civilians recount the same scenes of rape and torture. Throughout this region, the horror unfolds as roads open up and towns become accessible either by road or because telephone networks are restored. Borodianka is about fifty kilometers from kyiv. There are cut bridges and some roads have not yet been cleared.

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The Extremely Complicated Flight of Civilians

Militarily, the Russian army is retreating to the east of the country, particularly around Donbass, a region that the Ukrainian authorities are urgently evacuating before a new major offensive. The flight of civilians is extremely complicated, they flock to Zaporijia or Dnipro.

They are the ones who manage to flee because certain railway lines are unusable. Even trains there were blocked in the east by Russian strikes that fell on the only line that was still under Ukrainian control. The whole country is therefore preparing for this second phase of the war.

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In the Ukrainian capital, a soldier explained that he would most certainly be sent, he and his unit, to this front. The whole question is to know how kyiv will project this war effort without weakening the consolidated positions, knowing that on the other side of the border, the Russians have left soldiers to maintain permanent pressure. Vladimir Putin has only one idea in mind: to be able to announce a military victory for May 9, the anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945.

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