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War in Ukraine: French Caesar guns officially in service against the Russian army


France delivered to Ukraine, at the beginning of May, a dozen Caesar guns, manufactured by the French company Nexter. These guns were deployed by the Ukrainian army on May 23. “We still deliver substantial equipment, from Milan to Caesar through several types of weapons. I think we must continue on this path. With always a red line, which is not to enter into co-belligerence”, said Emmanuel Macron on April 22.

The announcement, made by President Macron, of the deployment in Ukraine of 155 mm guns was surprising. But it turned out well. The French Caesar guns are now officially in service with the Ukrainian forces, which released photos on Wednesday.

Ultra-modern artillery pieces

France has so far delivered six. According to our information, they were handed over to Ukraine at the end of April. By the time they were transported to the front, undetected, they appeared earlier this week in videos on social networks. Caesar guns are ultra-modern artillery pieces. The 155mm guns can fire up to 40km, 6 shells per minute, while being very accurate.

A weapon worth five million euros

The strength of the Caesar is that it is mounted on very light vehicles, which provides mobility. Once the Ukrainians have fired, they can immediately leave their position which is in turn threatened by return fire from the Russian army. Forty Ukrainian soldiers, officers, non-commissioned officers, were trained in France on the Canjuers camp in the Var to master this weapon, which has a cost of around five million euros per unit.

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