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War in Ukraine: in the Donbass, “the start of the Russian offensive is counted in hours”


Russian troops are strengthening around the Donbass, which therefore appears to be Vladimir Putin’s next military objective. However, the offensive, this second military phase of Russia, has not yet begun, but the Ukrainian army is preparing for it. According to its intelligence services, it will take place very soon.

According to the Ukrainian intelligence services, the attack of the Russian army in the Donbass will take place very soon. This was indicated by the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense in kyiv. The Russian army repositioned and partly regenerated after its withdrawal from the northern regions of the country. The fighting is likely to be very tough, as Olga Stefanishina, the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs, said at the microphone of Europe 1. “It could be a historic battle for Donbass”, a- she asserted.

“This war is going to be extremely intense”

Olga Stefanishina is certain that the Ukrainian forces can repel the enemy, but she has no illusions: “No one has any doubts that this war is going to be of extreme intensity”, he said. – she regretted, before adding: “And according to our information, the start of this offensive is now counted in hours. We believe in our own armed forces because the Russians are afraid of us and they are right to be afraid, because we are on our land. We have our people and our families to protect,” she concluded.

Furthermore, in Mariupol, pro-Russian separatist forces are claiming control of the entire port area. According to the city’s mayor, more than 10,000 civilians have died since the siege began. The Ukrainian army recognizes it itself, Mariupol is about to fall into the hands of Russian forces.

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