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War in Ukraine: the smartphone, “a combat tool”


If they are not in Ukraine, the French armies follow Russian and Ukrainian maneuvers very closely. After almost 80 days of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, what lessons can be learned? France has notably observed that on the Ukrainian battlefield, the smartphone is a real weapon of war.


The French armies, although they are not on the ground, follow Russian and Ukrainian maneuvers very closely. They draw strategic and operational lessons from it to improve their skills and be able to face a conflict of this nature one day too. As surprising as it may seem, the smartphone, an innocuous-looking tool, is a real weapon of war on the Ukrainian battlefield. This is also the reason why the Russians almost systematically destroy the phones of the Ukrainians when they progress on the ground.

It has become a tool for detecting positions. So that any civilian can become a danger, including for the army of his own camp. The Ukrainian army also encourages them to post photos of the invader on Diia, an application that originally made it possible to store official documents such as driving licenses or identity cards.

A seasoned and autonomous soldier

“It’s a big lesson from this war,” a senior officer told Europe 1. “Technology is everywhere and the smartphone has become a combat tool.” While paradoxically, it is not part of the equipment of the French soldier. And why not, one imagines in the armies, making it the basis of the endowment of the rank and file soldier in the coming years?

In the same way as the assault rifle, the helmet or the bulletproof vest. “Obviously, it will have to be secured on an autonomous network”, nuances this military source. It could be used in the field for informational warfare, taking pictures of targets, doing emergency telemedicine for the wounded or even investing in the cyber field.

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Because to invade a country, it is no longer enough to have mass or firepower. You also need a seasoned soldier who is sufficiently autonomous to take control, for example, of the network of CCTV cameras in the conquered city.

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