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Watch Dogs Legion Resistant Of London: this collector figurine benefits from more than 60% reduction


The video game Watch Dogs: Legion, developed by the Ubisoft Toronto studio and published by Ubisoft, has met with great success with fans of the license. If you loved the universe, here is a superb collector figurine and it benefits from more than 66% reduction.

Resistant Of London: a character from the game in a collector’s version

The Resistant Of London figurine from the game Watch Dogs: Legion is simply magnificent and it is currently only 22 euros instead of 59 euros.

As a reminder, Watch Dogs: Legion is a action-adventure game with a stealth element which takes place in London. The game system is different from what we know since the player can embody each Londoner present in the game universe by recruiting him. Each of them has its specificities, there is a specialist in infiltration, one in hacking, another in combat, etc. But they also have their weaknesses.

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In this super collector’s box, we have as a bonus 2 interchangeable heads (Winston, King of Hearts) on a costumed body with a half-burnt flag. This statuette is 26 cm high and will be perfect to complete your collection.

In the video game good deals, we also have a great limited edition collector’s box ofHorizon Forbidden West.

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