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“We believed in it until the end”: after the victory of La Rochelle, the euphoric supporters


After its victory against Leinster on Saturday evening, Stade Rochelais is now on the roof of Europe. An unexpected victory, after their defeat last year, precisely in the final. This result makes the La Rochelle supporters very proud, who traveled to Marseille for the occasion.


Since Saturday, Stade La Rochelais has been on the roof of Europe. They overcame the Irish from Leinster, big favorites, in the Champions Cup final at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille. Final score: 21 to 24. This is the first European title in its history for La Rochelle, and therefore an immense happiness for all its supporters. A last minute upheaval, strong emotions, it was a match for history. “It’s an incredible turnaround. We believed in it until the end, we were up for La Rochelle”, exclaims a La Rochelle supporter, at the microphone of Europe 1. “This victory is for everyone! “says another.

“It’s Marseille baby”

The Rochelais finally fill their trophy cabinet. No more lost finals team, the Maritimes finally had the click. “Finally a title! After all these years, they were monstrous. There are 60,000 people who saw that. Champions of Europe!” Recounts a supporter. “Finally, it’s a pleasure! It rewards the Top 14, it rewards the whole of France.”

The future looks bright, hopes scrum half Arthur Retière. “Forever the first, it’s Marseille baby!” He laughs. “I hope the best is yet to come. We come from afar and we end up here, so it’s magnificent. We have to continue,” he insists. The Rochelais have not finished their season, since they are in the race to play the final stages of the French championship and dream, why not, of an incredible double.

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