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“We may have passed the most difficult part”: these inhabitants of kyiv relieved by the withdrawal of the Russians


Ukrainian authorities said on Saturday evening that Russian forces have withdrawn from the region of kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. A liberation of the area which relieves the inhabitants, as in a small market near the Irpin front where the special envoy of Europe 1 Nicolas Tonev went.


“Thank you, glory to Ukraine!”, “Glory to the heroes! areas of the northwest front. While the authorities of Ukraine announced the total liberation of the capital, this market which is held on Wednesdays and Fridays has always been held, despite weeks of living in the explosions and the fear of leaving home. The special envoy of Europe 1 Nicolas Tonev went there to appreciate the tenacity and the relief of the premises.

A “terrible, but it’s normal” situation

In front of the varied stalls of meats, vegetables, flowers or cheeses, the customers of this district harassed by the explosions for weeks remain faithful. “When you want to eat, there is nothing terrifying, and here the meat is fresh and the price is attractive as well,” explains a Ukrainian client at the microphone of Nicolas Tonev. Another continues: “We may have passed the most difficult part.”

That last customer might be right. The Russians are retreating into Ukraine, so the nearby park, where the end of the street is blocked off by armed men, does not prevent them from doing good. “Who are these flowers for?” asks the special envoy to a woman, who replies: “They are for me!”, she laughs. “They are for my neighbour. She is celebrating her birthday tomorrow (Sunday), she is 72 years old. It is important for her.” Further in this small market, the butcher summarizes the situation in a strange formula: “We are afraid, but what to do? It’s terrible, but it’s normal.”

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