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“We want action”: after the shooting of Uvalde, Joe Biden wants to appease the inhabitants


Time for meditation in Uvalde, Texas. After the shooting at a school that claimed the lives of 21 people, President Joe Biden was on hand on Sunday to appease the spirits. The inhabitants, for their part, now hope for actions so that this kind of event does not happen again.

After Tuesday’s shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which claimed the lives of 21 people in a school, two teachers and 19 eight-year-old children, President Joe Biden is on site this Sunday. He had reacted in the middle of the week, looking dejected, promising progress very soon on firearms legislation. It was without counting on Donald Trump, who spoke in the meantime at the NRA congress which is being held this weekend in Houston, Texas. The former president of the United States suggests arming teachers. The current tenant of the White House wants to appease the spirits by his visit.

Its first stage is the main square of the city, a garden with a central fountain where the inhabitants have deposited and continue to deposit hundreds and hundreds of flowers, balloons, photos, or even messages. The president knows that he will have to face a lot of emotion.

“We want actions”

The people met by Europe 1 said they were rather happy with this visit, but now hoped for action. This is the case of Katherine Galindo-Garcia, even if she does not have much hope. “He cannot initiate changes alone. The representatives of our States must do it together,” she recalls.

“But there is this fear that they will do nothing, as always, that they continue to do nothing,” she laments. “They send their thoughts and their prayers. We need more than prayers and thoughts. We want action,” asserts Katherine. Joe Biden must also attend a mass, then he will meet the families of the victims and the first aid. The opportunity may also be to try to find out a little more about the very controversial intervention of the police at the time of the tragedy.

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