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What are the advantages of becoming a member of NATO?


Threatened by Russia, a neighboring country to the east, Finland wishes to join NATO. A membership that has several advantages for the country bordered by the Baltic Sea. Pending Finland’s official application, the country has signed an agreement with the United Kingdom guaranteeing British assistance in the event of a Russian attack.

Russia is threatening Finland, a country on NATO’s doorstep. The Scandinavian State wishes to integrate the Atlantic Alliance without delay to strengthen its security against the aggressiveness of its neighbor, at war against Ukraine. Joining NATO would be a geopolitical upheaval 74 years after the friendship treaty signed between Helsinki and Moscow. 3/4 of the Finns, reluctant at first, are even in favor of it to protect themselves from Russia. An ally who has become a threat since the start of the war in Ukraine.

The promise of rapid membership

By joining the ranks of NATO, Finland joins a political and military alliance and ensures collective defense, pursuant to the collective defense clause of Article 5 of the Washington Treaty or under the mandate of the Organization of United Nations. An attack against one of the member countries is considered an attack against all, namely the 30 countries, their armies and the 40,000 men of NATO’s rapid reaction force.

Once Finland is officially a candidate, probably on Sunday, a membership period will open. The parliaments of each of the member countries must approve the request, but this can take many months. A wait during which Finland will not benefit from mutual defense.

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In the meantime, the country has, like Sweden, signed an agreement with the United Kingdom on Wednesday. It guarantees British assistance in the event of an attack. The head of NATO for his part promised a rapid accession process for Finland, which can also count on the mutual defense clause of the European Union.

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