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What Wi-Fi router do you use at home?


The democratization of Wi-Fi 6 should take an important step next week with Livebox 6. The new box from the incumbent operator which will be presented on April 6 should indeed support Wi-Fi 6, and even Wi-Fi. -Fi 6E.

The first Livebox. Image Cristiano Betta (CC BY).

Free will soon be the only French internet service provider not to offer a Wi-Fi 6 compatible box. But maybe the equipment provided by the operators doesn’t matter to you? Perhaps you use another router, or even several, to irrigate your home with Wi-Fi? This is the question of our new poll.

This isn’t the first time you’ve been asked this question, it’s interesting to see how the gear has evolved over the years. In the absence of a new model since 2013 (!), Apple’s AirPort terminals should logically lose ground, but to what extent? This is one of the lessons that we will draw from this survey.

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So which Wi-Fi router do you use at home?

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