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Where to pre-order your Studio Display screen?


Last Tuesday, Apple unveiled the Studio Display: a new 27-inch screen that will serve as the perfect companion for the Mac Studio or any other compatible computer. If you want to get one, be aware that the deadlines are slowly but surely lengthening on the Apple Store: deliveries are now scheduled between April 26 and May 11. Fortunately, resellers are starting to offer the slab for pre-order with more interesting delivery dates for the impatient.

Boulanger offers the “standard” model without nano-textured glass with its three supports: classic stand, with adjustable inclination and height or with a VESA mounting kit. It is possible to have it delivered from Saturday 19 or possibly to pick up the screen in store.

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If you want the model with the nano-textured glass option, you can turn to FNAC, which offers the screen with its classic foot or with the one with adjustable tilt and height. The standard model is also available with its two supports. The site is currently advancing delivery from March 18 for all versions.

The other resellers have not yet posted any stock, but the product sheet is already online at Darty and at LDLC: we imagine that this should arrive soon.

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