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Why are Chinese hackers targeting France?


In France, the National Information Systems Security Agency is sounding the alarm about the increase in Chinese cyber espionage. According to her, this computer espionage represents more than half of the major computer attacks carried out in recent months. On Tuesday, China dismissed his accusations outright.

This is another form of warfare, cyber warfare waged by shadow soldiers over computer networks. And in this area, China is particularly aggressive. The report published this week by the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) reveals that Chinese hackers carried out nine of the 17 most important computer attacks suffered by France last year. ANSSI is sounding the alarm.

The Chinese government denies

China, however, rejects these accusations as a whole. On Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, “We have repeatedly said that China fights all forms of hacker attacks in accordance with the law, and will not encourage , will never support or be complicit in hacker attacks.”

These red hackers are part of the small group APT41, a group of hackers which would be supported by Beijing. Their mission is to penetrate computer networks to spy on their target, but also to carry out attacks aimed at blocking servers by demanding a ransom to make them accessible again. In France, a third of companies have already been victims of these attacks last year.

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