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Why can’t the EU do without Russian gas?


While the United States has announced an embargo on Russian oil and gas imports, the European Union is still struggling to do the same. The reason ? The dependence of EU countries on resources exported by Russia. A dependency that Brussels seeks to limit, through several levers of action.


This Tuesday evening, Joe Biden announced the cessation of the import of Russian oil. A decision which aims to cut the floodgates of Russia after the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. Why can the Americans do without Russian resources? It turns out that they are much less dependent than Europeans on Russian gas and oil. The United States does not import gas, and only 8% oil, against 25% for Europe.

If we look at each country individually, France imports 20% for gas. It is worse with our neighbours: there are 50% for Germany, more than 90% for Finland and Slovakia. Thus, when Germany contemplates an oil embargo, Russia threatens to cut off its gas valves.

Increase production to reduce dependency

To become independent, or aim for it, Brussels has developed a strategy. The goal? Reduce our dependency by two-thirds this year. To achieve this, there are several levers. We must anticipate our storage for next winter, before September, with group purchases to pay less.

We must diversify our supplies, increase the production of hydrogen and biomethane. But also buy more gas from Norway, the United States or Algeria. Another line of thought: improving our LNG ports (the LNG carrier is a ship used to transport natural gas, editor’s note) so that they can accommodate more boats. France has four.

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Last possibility: reduce our consumption, better insulate our homes, consume less in industry. This work is essential to limit the soaring prices that are looming for gas and oil.

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