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Why hundreds of Ukrainians rush to buy a patriotic stamp


Symbol of the resistance of the Ukrainian army against the Russian army, a stamp representing a Ukrainian soldier giving the finger to the Russian cruiser “Moskva” on Serpents’ Island has been marketed. To buy it, hundreds of Ukrainians line up for several hours, as noted by the special envoy of Europe 1 on the spot.

It has become a symbol in Ukraine. On the first day of the war, soldiers on Serpents’ Island refused to lay down their arms against the powerful Russian cruiser “Moskva”. Since destroyed by the Ukrainian army, it sinks to the bottom of the Black Sea. Ukrainian Post issued a stamp depicting a Ukrainian soldier giving the Russian ship the middle finger.

One million copies sold and a stamp already collector

The queue is several hundred meters long. At the very least, a thousand people hope to obtain this new anti-Russian stamp which has become the emblem of victory. Igor has been in line since 7 a.m. “My nephew is currently fighting in Mariupol in the Azovstal factory in the Azov battalion. I will give him this stamp. If he is alive, I will give it to him in real life, if not, I will give it to his mother who is my sister,” he says.

Irina fled bombs in Kharkiv, the country’s second city, two weeks ago. Buying this stamp, where we see a Ukrainian soldier giving the finger to a Russian ship, is for her a political act. “I ordered stamps for me and my friends who stay in Kharkiv and cannot leave the city. It is very important for me, because my city is almost destroyed now. This stamp symbolizes our resistance”, says she.

“I feel proud for my people”

A very moved school teacher holds around thirty copies in her hands: “It’s the story that’s important to me, what we’re going through now is important. I feel proud of my people. We stick together. Our military defends our borders and our land. This is our holy land and we will stay there. Even if the Russians return to kyiv, I am ready to take up arms and fight.”

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In this small piece of paper of a few square centimeters, some see it as a concentrate of the Ukrainian soul. So much so that it is already out of stock and is only sold at the Central Post Office in the capital, Place de l’Indépendance. Quite a symbol.

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