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Will Charles III have the shoulders to wear the king’s costume? Britons divided


Less popular than his late mother, will Charles III be a good king? The Britons whom Europe 1 met do not all agree on the subject. While some expect him not to get involved in politics, others believe that the new monarch will have to prove himself.

Throughout her reign, Elizabeth II had a motto “Never explain, never complain” in French “never justify yourself, never complain”. And things seem a little less obvious with King Charles III, we have seen him get annoyed over fairly trivial things, an inkwell that bothers him, a leaky pen. Guardian also reveals that Charles III would consider dismissing some of the staff of his former princely staff. More and more Britons are starting to wonder if the king’s suit will not be a little big for Charles III.

β€œHe screwed everything up with Diana”

On the Borough market, behind his stall, Gary praises the quality of his fruit. But not that of Charles III. Certainly not the best at the Windsors, he says, to succeed the Queen. “I don’t like Charles, I prefer William. I don’t agree with his marriage. He’s the wrong king, in my opinion.” A little further on, Conrad, who sells his oysters on this market, expects Charles to prove his abilities. “We’re going to give him a chance and he’s going to have to prove that he deserves the respect of the people because he screwed it up with Diana.”

With in particular the constitutional obligation for the new king not to get involved in politics. Charles, who took the liberty of writing to government minister Blair in the early 2000s. David, a Londoner in his fifties, has not forgotten. “If he doesn’t get involved in politics, that’s fine. Now that he’s king, he’s going to hold back. That’s fine.”

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β€œHe has done incredible things for this country”

Lizbeth, who is queuing to go and bow before the coffin of Elizabeth II, is convinced that Charles III will be up to the task. “He’s 73, he’s done amazing things for this country. He’s had his mother as an example for years. I think he’s very nice and he’ll be a great king.” Nevertheless, many Britons crossed here slip that Charles does not have the charisma of his mother and not her popularity either.

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