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With “Le Stade”, Toulouse rugby players invite themselves to the cinema


The documentary film “Le Stade”, released this Wednesday, offers spectators a dive into the intimacy of the Toulouse stadium last season, punctuated by a historic double championship-European Cup. Europe 1 went to the preview in Paris, organized in the company of Toulouse players.

From the stadium floodlights, Antoine Dupont went to the flashes of the photographers. The Toulouse scrum-half, voted best player in the world last year, is of course starring in a documentary film like no other released this Wednesday in theaters. The stadium offers a dive of several months in the intimacy of the Toulouse Stadium, the most successful club in European rugby. The star of the XV of France, accompanied by his teammates and his trainer, was present at the Grand Rex in Paris for the preview of the film. Europe 1 also went there.

The best player in the world admits it: he is more comfortable in a jersey in front of a scrum than in a suit on the red carpet. “We are not too much in our milieu, so we are not the most comfortable”, smiles the French number 9 at the microphone of Europe 1. “There are a lot of flashes, but hey, it’s is always nice. It’s an experience. We can’t wait to see the returns of the film especially, “adds Antoine Dupont.

Joys, sorrows and tensions in the locker room

The documentary retraces the historic double championship-European Cup acquired by the Toulouse team last season. The players share with the spectators their sorrows, their joys and their tensions during the pre-match speeches of the coach, Ugo Mola, who remained totally natural despite the cameras. “I think that already, on the flowery language, you will see that I am still not stingy”, admits the French coach of the Toulouse stadium. “If I removed a pair of punctuation marks from the depths of the south of France, it doesn’t change much,” said Ugo Mola to Europe 1.

In a Grand Rex which was sold out for the occasion, the preview ended under a shower of applause. This suggests a success in theaters.

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