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With “trucks for Ukraine”, Lagardère News is mobilizing for the victims of the war


Faced with the horror of the war in Ukraine, Lagardère News has decided to mobilize. The pole, of which Europe 1 is a part, has therefore become a partner in the “trucks for Ukraine” operation. This humanitarian convoy, which left on April 8, made up of three 38-tonne trucks, should help the victims of the conflict by providing them with thousands of basic necessities.

450 mattresses, 30,000 liters of drinks, more than 4,000 hygiene kits, 600 boxes of infant milk, 34,000 baby bottle pods, long-life food products… On Friday April 8 at 9:30 am, a convoy made up of three 38-tonne trucks set off for Ukraine with tens of thousands of basic necessities on board.

Millions of people in need

Organized by Transports Logistique Leleu and the NGO Solidarités International, the “trucks for Ukraine” operation, of which Lagardère News is a partner, must travel for three days to reach the Polish border. From there, the basic necessities will be distributed to different distribution points in Ukraine, depending on the needs of the population. Several truck rotations are planned over the next few weeks to meet the needs of Ukrainians.

“Today, we are talking about more than 4.2 million people who have left Ukraine and 6.5 million people who have been displaced inside the country. They have found refuge with locals, relatives or in temporary transit centers. They need help,” said Kevin Goldberg, director general of the NGO Solidarités International, in a press release.

In addition to equipment donations, partner companies, associations and foundations, of which Lagardère News is a part, have also mobilized through financial donations, salary pools or even donations of free advertising space.

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You can support Solidarités International’s “Trucks for Ukraine” operation here

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