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World Cup in Qatar: will there be French supporters?


While the platform for booking tickets for the World Cup in Qatar has just opened, the main association of supporters of the French team is sounding the alarm regarding the organization and the prices charged . The French football federation is even preparing support so that supporters can still support the Blues.

It is a bitter observation that draws Fabian Tosolini, the person in charge of the French Irresistibles. “All the friends with whom I went to Russia, not one will go to the World Cup in Qatar. And yet, there were many of us, very many”, he breathes at the microphone of Europe 1. They were about 600 supporters. For the Qatari edition of which Europe 1 is a partner, they could only be 40 or 50, at most. The fault of the organization and the prices charged, while the ticket booking platform for the next World Cup has just opened this week.

A total bill that would be around 6,000 euros

Compared to the 2018 edition in Russia, tickets cost 20-30% more. For accommodation, which is rare and often luxurious, it takes 100 to 150 euros per night. We must add the price of the plane, the food, and the life which is expensive in Qatar. The total bill for these supporters could amount to more than 6,000 euros if the Blues go all the way, like four years ago… This sum makes Fabian Tosolini dizzy: “It’s unacceptable, unaffordable for the vast majority of supporters.”

Besides the financial aspect, the troubled image of the emirate on certain issues, including respect for human rights, does not help matters.

The federation is considering support for supporters

The main association of supporters of the France team is sounding the alarm and has asked the federation for help. Aware of the problem, she told Europe 1 that she was preparing support for supporters. It would be a first in France. Two travel agencies are already working on reasonable offers. All parties agree: a World Cup without supporters is like a match without a ball.

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