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WTF: this MMORPG developer insults his boss via notifications sent to players


the world from video game is not a world so full of unicorns than those that players visit. Just like cinema, it’s a miracle to have a perfect end product from A to Z. This formula is just as true for games without updates as those with very long life expectancies, such as the MMORPGs Wizard101, which a developer apparently has a message to pass to his direction.

Wizard101 : the hatred of a developer goes too far?

Between Friday and Saturday, game users Wizard101 had a funny surprise. Regularly via the notification panel (used to announce maintenances), they could see some strange messages appearing. References to series, in particular breaking Badinsults, and hate messages directed at the developer KingIsle could thus be read, being displayed in the foreground of all the screens of the players then connected. This caused such a mess in the game that the servers were forced to shut down time to do a major maintenance.as well as a force rollback to erase any traces of unwanted updates.

Wizard101 servers have been temporarily shut down due to an unexpected issue. \ud83d\udee0\ufe0f

We will keep everyone updated on when they will be back up. Thank you for your patience. \u2699\ufe0f

September 17, 2022

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Since then, offensive, NSFW and sensitive messages have been removed from the game as normal.. For now, there is no official explanation for the appearance of such messages, except for a few that can make you laugh. On one of the messages, we can see that he is speaking directly to KingIsle, the company that owns Wizard101. This one seems to come froma developer working on the game and its regular updates extremely unhappy with his working conditions and especially his salary, much too weak for his taste. Several other posts attest to the low pay of KingIsle employees. One of them explains to the players that “the next level [du jeu] is the one in my boss’ asshole“or this one:”BRADLEY COME TO THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY -The CEO“.

It can be understood. Unable to strike or having no other recourse to send a message to their management, the one (or those?) at the origin of this decides that it is better that the whole world is aware of the bad practices managerial. Some wackiest conspiracy theorists even go so far as to say that these messages actually come from a form of aggressive marketing for the game. thing. Wizard101 is an old MMORPG (2008) and primarily targets children, for whom this was their first fully multiplayer gamein the pure tradition of the games of the time, notably begun with Flyff in 2004 (not being able to target adolescents/adults due to a certain World of Warcraftreleased the same year). Many parents therefore did not really appreciate seeing these insults and violent messages being projected on full screen in front of their children.. Other players were quick to deride this, mocking and creating memes on the subject, going so far as to praise the courage of the man behind these strange posts.

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