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WWDC22: Apple raises the sauce


With a handful of days before WWDC opens on June 6, Apple is upping the ante with an update to the event site, which not only sports a new visual (look for the glasses on the Memojis 👀) , but also and above all full of additional information. Starting with the posting on YouTube of the page announcing the live broadcast of the keynote! It will also be offered directly on the Apple site and in the Apple TV app (and don’t forget LeKeynote.fr!).

Apple also lists the finalists of the Apple Design Awards, whose winners will be known very late next Monday night. Six categories are present, with six finalists in each of them:

  • Inclusivity: Letter Rooms, Navi, Noted, Procreate, tint and Wylde Flowers
  • Fun: Chineasy, Moncage, (Not Boring) Habits, Overboard, Please Touch The Artwork, Water Llama
  • Interactivity: A Musical Story, Gibbon: Beyond The Trees, Slopes, Transit, Vectornator, What Remains Of Edit Finch
  • Social impact: Active Arcade, Empathy, Gibon: Beyond The Trees, Headspace, Rebel Girls, Wylde Flowers
  • Graphics: Alien: Isolation, Behind The Frame, Halide, Lego Star Wars: Castaways, MD Clock, (Not Boring) Habits
  • Innovation: Active Arcade, Focus Noodles, Marvel Future Revolution, Odio, Procreate, Townscaper
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A few big names and quite a few underdogs in all of these fine app categories. Developers who wish can register to participate in Digital Lounges and chat casually with Apple engineers and designers. The constructor also compiles a series of events ” beyond WWDC to get to know each other better online or face-to-face.

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