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Xbox: Internet users laugh at hairy controllers in tribute to Sonic and Knuckles (20 tweets)


It happens that during promotions, deals or partnerships between large video game publishers and some entertainment juggernauts derivative products are born, to say the least doubtful. One of the most edifying examples is obviously the video game controller, the result of a sometimes failed merger, in terms of design, but also (and it’s almost worse) in terms of handling. quote the Xbox Series X KFC version controller, offered some time ago in the United Kingdom when buying a menu on the fast food giant’s application. Last target of ridicule, the Xbox Series controller with the image of Sonic on the occasion of the release of the film Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

From the collaboration between Xbox and Paramount Pictures was born, in fact, a special edition Sonic The Hedgehog 2 of the Xbox Series S, which is only offered as a prize for a competition. If the monolith has nothing shocking in itself, this one is accompanied by two controllers in the colors of Sonic and Knuclkes for the less “hairy”.

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It was enough for Internet users to let go on Twitter, through these 20 tweets.


To shit, you knew your hands felt like stroking chewbaka

March 22, 2022


They start early April 1st!

March 22, 2022


the console yes
controllers NO

March 22, 2022


What is this horror ud83dudc40ud83eudd23

March 22, 2022


Microsoft is offering a contest to win an Xbox Series S inspired by the movie Sonic 2 and erm… Hairy controllers.

WTF ud83dude02https://t.co/9Y3k5WdaVV pic.twitter.com/YTty482MS1

March 22, 2022



March 22, 2022


The controllers are a no, no.ud83eudd23

March 22, 2022


And “thank you for being hairy” of course pic.twitter.com/CUZJPvdt5c

March 22, 2022


Xbox and customization they have always been at the max ud83dude02

March 22, 2022


But what did they smoke?

March 22, 2022


It’s pretty cool, it’s like petting my cat while playing

March 22, 2022


1. It will slip
2. It’s ugly (personal opinion)
3. I still want to test … ^^’

March 23, 2022

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Aaaaaaaaahrghhhhh… I get shivers of disgust just imagining. #Materials #Autism #FortunatelyThatThePlasticIt’s Going

March 22, 2022


Here are some original controllers, it’s to avoid sweaty hands in stressful games perhaps, right?

March 22, 2022


Oh the state of the controller if you got people who don’t wash their hands ud83dude2dud83dude2dud83dude2d pic.twitter.com/KciuG4mAm5

March 22, 2022


Ptdr a nest of shit sah you find honey pops

March 22, 2022


Already the smell of gamers is not a gift so that of hairy controllers in + you have the worst combo ud83dude02 https://t.co/B9pgtnoCft

March 22, 2022


I had not seen but there is fur… but… pic.twitter.com/AVp82QM11b

March 23, 2022


I imagine the scene:
Press A
It is or still the A?
Blow on the hairs and look!! pic.twitter.com/b2BsRsxjzf

March 22, 2022


Reminds me of the one Chewie controller pic.twitter.com/iVyV9Gb4F6

March 22, 2022

And you, what do you think of these controllers? Do not hesitate to give us feedback via our comments area. !

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