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XcLauncher launches Xcode projects faster


XcLauncher (€2.99) is an app for developers who rely daily on Xcode, the development environment provided by Apple. Housed in the menu bar of macOS, it lists all the Xcode projects that you open frequently and allows you to launch them faster than through the Apple app.

XcLauncher in action, here with three favorite Xcode projects and each with its own custom icon.

This app is not new, it even exists since 2017. Its creator however submitted a major update recently, which gives the opportunity to talk about it here. The biggest new feature of XcLauncher 2 is the ability to define a custom icon for each Xcode project and thus better distinguish them in the menu. Choosing the icon is done through the Finder, displaying the project information (⌘I) and dragging an image in place of the default one. Xcode being designed primarily to create apps, you can use the app icon associated with each project, for example.

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For the most prolific developers, XcLauncher also allows you to add folders to its menu and thus access a large number of projects without having a list as long as your arm. The app also offers quick access to recently opened projects in Xcode, even if you haven’t bookmarked them. Finally, it allows you to open Xcode, including choosing a version if several have been installed on the Mac. The menu can be opened with a keyboard shortcut, which opens up the possibility of doing everything with the keyboard, since you can then select a project with the arrows and open it with the return key.

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XcLauncher is sold for €2.99 on the Mac App Store, there is no demo version. The app is not translated into French and macOS 10.14 is required at least to install it.

If you like the principle, note that there is also XCOrganizer which offers a little more and which has the advantage of being free:

XCOrganizer indexes and organizes all your Xcode projects

XCOrganizer indexes and organizes all your Xcode projects

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