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Xencelabs: treat yourself to the new pen graphics tablet and its complete bundle 📍


Designed with input from acclaimed artists, the new Xencelabs graphics tablet delivers the precision and reliability demanded by creative professionals. Sold in a particularly generous bundle and with the Quick Keys remote control included, this pack is “the” ultra-complete creative solution to help artists enhance their creations.

Difficult to make a choice when it comes to buying a graphics tablet. If the offer is plethoric, some new manufacturers stand out from the others, like Xencelabs. The company offers its brand new Xencelabs pen graphics tablet in an all-in-one bundle that will delight both new and experienced artists.

The Xencelabs Medium Bundle, everything you need to get started in drawing

Which graphics tablet to buy to start or to improve your workflow? If you ask yourself the question, we most likely have an answer for you. We had the opportunity to get our hands on this particularly interesting bundle from Xencelabs, which includes the brand new Xencelabs pen tablet, in medium format, its two fully customizable styluses (one with 3 buttons and the other thinner ), in addition to a very nice stylus case that includes ten spare nibs (6 standard and 4 felt, which give a different look). Both styluses have erasers on the back, which is nice.

In the box, when you open it, you quickly realize that everything has been thought out so that the user benefits from a particularly complete experience to get off to a good start. Apart from the tablet and its two excellent styluses, there is a USB dongle for wireless connection with the tablet, a USB-A to USB-C cable (practical if you have a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro recent), a size M drawing glove, a protective pouch, as well as a point extractor. In short, everything you need to start drawing without being afraid of missing something.

The manufacturer’s Quick Keys remote is also included, but we’ll get to that later.

The new graphics tablet from Xencelabs, between ergonomics and unequaled working comfort

If the bundle offered by Xencelabs has everything you need to get started, we were especially surprised by the quality of the design of the tablet itself, which favors comfort and functionality for a faster workflow and a excellent drawing experience.

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Available in carbon black, the tablet offers a large workspace with its 320.5 x 232.85 x 8 mm. The size of the active area, delimited by 4 LED lights whose color and brightness you can change, is very exactly 262.4 x 147.4 mm, in 16:9 aspect ratio to adapt to the size of most screens. On the scale, the tablet is only 710.5 grams. A featherweight compared to the format it offers and easily transportable, in particular thanks to the official bag included in the bundle.

In use, the sleek design of the Xencelabs tablet, as well as its slight curvature for the wrist rest, provide a movement that is both natural and comfortable. Small pads are located below for better grip. Four very small LEDs are located on each side of the work area, again configurable using Xencelabs software. You can change the color depending on the software you are using, for example.

In total, the tablet benefits from 16 hours of autonomy, and this, after only 2.5 hours of recharging. A very good score, since it will last more than a working day without any problem. In fact, we were able to use it quite intensely for almost three days without having to recharge it.

At the top of the tablet are 3 quick access buttons, two of which are fully configurable and dedicated to tablet settings (precision mode, pressure adjustment, etc.), stylus, eraser, or switching between screens. Again, everything is adjustable from the dedicated Xencelabs software, available on macOS, Linux, but also Windows.

The two styluses provided allow you to switch from one to the other, according to your needs, or the morphology of your hand. No need to pair them: everything is done automatically once the dongle is plugged in and the software configured on your machine. Once started, both tilt at around 60° and offer up to 8192 levels of pressure.

You can then customize the buttons from the application with dozens and dozens of possibilities. So there’s plenty to do, especially since whether it’s for your 2D or 3D drawings, the two styluses are extremely responsive and will meet all your requests. The different spare nibs are a real plus.

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The Xencelabs Quick Keys remote control, the ideal companion

The Xencelabs Quick Keys remote control, which also works via Bluetooth (or connected by cable), is included in the bundle. It has a user-friendly interface that allows artists to integrate shortcuts more naturally into their workflow. On paper, the announced autonomy is 25 hours, which is more than enough, with a recharge of an hour or two at most.

Its OLED screen and 8 buttons allow you to create up to 40 “Quick Keys” shortcuts per application and classify them into function groups such as drawing, coloring or editing. For example, you have the possibility of keeping all your personalized settings, even after an update, which is appreciable.

A wheel, located on the side, offers a very practical button to zoom in on the size of a document, change the size of a brush, the rotation, etc. It is what allows you to gain in comfort and optimize your workspace, especially on long days spent on the tablet, since it is positioned where you want and allows you to use dozens of shortcuts at will. .

A bundle for beginners and professionals alike

If you work on a graphics tablet a lot and want to optimize your workspace, this bundle from Xencelabs is ideal. Listed at the public price of €389.90, this pack offers everything you need, whether it’s to get started in graphic design or to improve your workflow if you are a professional.

What’s in the box, as a reminder:

  • Xencelabs pen tablet in Medium format.
  • Xencelabs Quick Keys remote control.
  • 3 button stylus.
  • Fine stylus.
  • Stylus case.
  • USB dongle + USB-A to USB-C cable + USB-A to USB-C cable (at 90º).
  • USB-A to USB-C adapter.
  • Replacement nibs (6 standard + 4 felt tip pens)
  • Drawing glove Size M.
  • Protective / transport pouch
  • Point extractor
  • Installation guide and warranty

👉 The Xencelabs graphic tablet with stylus is available in a Nebulous White version. The bundle can be purchased on the brand’s website or at Fnac.

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