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XPPen: the new supercharged graphics tablets with the X3 smart chip have arrived 📍


The XPPen brand has just unveiled two new series of graphics tablets: the 2nd generation Artist 12/16 (graphic pen display) and the DECO L and LW (pen tablet). The styluses of both series of tablets take advantage of the X3 smart chip, which significantly improves the performance of sensitivity, precision and stability when drawing.

If you’re a professional or hobbyist digital artist, you probably already know what a graphics tablet is. But what you might not know is that the biggest behemoths in the industry, like Wacom, now have competition with XPPen.

XPPen is a brand that wants to help the next generation of designers realize their most creative dreams. It has recently offered brand new pen tablets, equipped with innovative screens, an intelligent chip and above all, at attractive prices. We go around the owner.

XPPen Artist 16 (2nd Gen): a new generation 15.4″ screen tablet

The XPPen Artist 16 (2nd Gen) tablet offers an HD IPS screen with full lamination in 15.4 inches and 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 178° viewable angle. Above all, it has a supercharged stylus with the X3 smart chip developed by the brand (at 8192 pressure levels and a 60° tilt) which we will see below.

Its anti-glare screen has a wide color gamut in 127% sRGB, which gives you a striking visual experience, natural colors and delicate details. Full lamination is applied to the screen to minimize parallax and provide greater precision for a natural drawing experience. Apart from 4 trendy colors to choose from, it further features 10 customizable shortcut keys to enhance your productivity and two flexible USB-C ports for easy connection.

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Thanks to the smart chip technology, the X3 stylus – without battery or battery – which benefits from this new tablet allows you to work with more precision. XPPen announces record sensitivity and stability, promising natural digital drawing.

The tablet is treated to resist wear. The surface is non-slip and anti-shock. It is of course compatible with various graphic software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, CDR, GIMP, Krita and MediBang ect. It is also compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux and Android.

Price: €249.99

XPPen DECO L& LW Bluetooth: next generation pen tablet

Equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, XPPen’s Deco LW pen tablet boasts a monster battery life of over 10 hours thanks to a 1000mAh 3.7V battery. Which guarantees you long-lasting use. of the day without being bothered by a cable.

The manufacturer says that a two-color injection molding process has been adopted to craft this model. The surface is smooth and the edges, resistant to shocks, are naturally rounded. The rubber material around the perimeter indeed provides full protection against accidental damage, allowing you to focus on your creativity and not on anything else.

The active area of ​​DECO L is 10×6 inches, large enough to meet all your needs for your creative work. With the new X3 smart chip pen, it’s smooth to write on it like writing with traditional pens, so it’s also a suitable e-learning tool for students or teachers.

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Available in four vibrant colors, the tablet measures 315 x 187 x 8.8mm for a 10″ x 6″ work area. Deco LW is compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux and Android, most software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, GIMP, Krita, MediBang Paint, FireAlpaca, Blender, etc. It is also available in wire.

Price: €89.99

Two series of supercharged pen graphics tablets with X3 smart chip

These two series of graphics tablets are therefore equipped with a stylus equipped with the new intelligent chip X3, which precisely converts electromagnetic signals into digital data. The manufacturer announces that this innovation makes it possible to multiply by 10 the sensitivity of the initial activation force, 2 times the lifespan and only 0.6 mm the withdrawal distance.

Indeed, the previous styluses offered by the brand detected the pressure of the stylus using an internal spring mechanism, which made the control of the stroke less fluid (causing micro-interruptions). The X3 intelligent chip, which is distinguished by high computing power, perfects the pen detection system. It offers a removal distance of 0.6 mm, for a regular line that does not deviate.

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