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XtremeMac goes green with eco-friendly tech products and tree planting in the Amazon 📍


XtremeMac launches new eco-responsible products (Eco Charging Line Up) for the first time. The company is going green and even offers its customers to plant trees in the Amazon, a welcome initiative.

“Live the experience combining sustainability and innovation” announces XtremeMac, which has found the ideal solution to charge your Apple devices while contributing to the protection of the environment. The company specialized in the sale of Apple accessories launches for the first time the new ecological products (Eco Charging Line Up) including USB-C wall and car chargers, USB-C wireless charging pad, and a complete range cables of different sizes, made with biodegradable materials.

XtremeMac goes green!

Already a pioneer in ecological initiatives concerning its packaging, by removing all plastic since 2018, XtremeMac has therefore launched a whole new range of eco-responsible and sustainable products, the Eco Charging range. This range of products is primarily aimed at those concerned about their impact on their environment when they buy tech products. In addition to certified renewable packaging, there are cables with 100% biodegradable sheaths, or even chargers with 10% wheat straw in their compositions.

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Here are the new products:

  • 20W Power Delivery Type-C wall & car chargers: made to charge your new iPhone as quickly as possible, this one includes biodegradable materials (10% wheat straw). The structure, while being partly made of renewable materials, remains extremely resistant and offers a very beautiful and elegant finish.
  • The USB-C wireless charging pad: a first-ever inductive charger that includes biodegradable materials. Perfect solution for wirelessly charging your iPhone or Qi-enabled device. Simply place your iPhone directly on the wireless charger and it will start charging at the fastest speed thanks to its maximum power of 15W.
  • High quality biodegradable cables: Apple MFI certified Lightning to USB-C and Lightning to USB-A cables (Made for iPhone), USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A, available in 1 meter or 2 meters meters. The cables jacket is 100% biodegradable, with materials including 10% wheat straw, 10% PLA and 80% PBAT. While being made of renewable materials, the cables remain extremely resistant and offer a very beautiful and elegant finish.
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Packaging is developed with fully renewable materials in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council standards.

View products here: https://shop.xtrememac.com/collections/eco-charging-line-up

Buy an XtremeMac product and plant a tree in the Amazon

In addition to this eco-responsible range, XtremeMac is committed to the reforestation of the Amazon in collaboration with the organization Saving The Amazon, an NGO that fights against the climate crisis and supports local communities. As part of this partnership, for any purchase over €50 on the www.xtrememac.com website, XtremeMac will plant a tree for you and in your name in the Amazon.

Once the purchase has been made, and within one to two weeks, XtremeMac will send you by e-mail a photograph of your planted tree with its geolocation coordinates, as well as a digital donation certificate accrediting your participation in this big project.

Learn more here: https://shop.xtrememac.com/pages/your-tree-in-the-amazon

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