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Y-Brush and its 10 sec toothbrush that explodes its prices for the sales! 📍


Y-Brush is a recognized French startup in oral hygiene (which we recently saw in season 1 of Who wants to be my partner). Used by more than 50,000 customers in France, it is currently benefiting from huge reductions, so take advantage of it!

Are you or your children not taking enough time to brush their teeth? Then we have the solution: Y-Brush, the famous toothbrush in 10 seconds, benefits from promotions up to – 50%. Please note that these are limited offers. First come, first served!

Like an electric toothbrush, but in 10 seconds!

Y-Brush works like a conventional toothbrush, whether manual or electric. The difference is that it brushes teeth simultaneously instead of brushing them one by one, which achieves brushing in just 10 seconds. The brush, super flexible, adapts to all jaws and all dentitions. Y-shaped, it cleans all the teeth of the same arch at once.

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The toothbrush benefits from 3 distinct vibration modes, with LEDs that display the chosen mode on the handle. The battery lasts 3 months without recharging it and the handle is shareable, practical if you buy several as a family. There are 2 sizes including 1 adult and 1 child (from 4 years old) for parents who find it difficult to motivate their children to brush their teeth.

Y-Brush has been developed in close collaboration with dentists for over 4 years. The patented technology reproduces for you the right gesture (the Bass technique) using sonic vibrations.

Available on y-brush.com, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger and Rue du commerce, its effectiveness has been proven by an independent clinical study. It was developed in France with a team of French dentists.

Y-Brush, up to – 50% for the winter sales!

If you were hesitating to buy it, now is the right time since the second and last markdown of the sales will take place from January 21 to February 8, 2022, with:

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To summarize, Y-Brush is:

  • Effective ultra-fast simultaneous brushing in 10 seconds
  • Toothbrush Made in France (the only electric toothbrush on the market made in France!)
  • Brush with NylonMed v2 technology: 35,000 flexible nylon filaments. The only product of this form on the market that is effective.

On purchase, you have secure payment via Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, shipping in 24 hours, direct from the factory based in Lyon, responsive customer service and possible returns for 30 days, a money back guarantee. A question ? Y-Brush answers you in French, English or Spanish within 24 hours.

👉 I inquire about Y-Brush: the new generation French toothbrush, which provides automated and fast toothbrushing

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