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Zidane at PSG? The Marseillais disappointed, the Parisians celebrate


The rumor swells for a few hours on the arrival of Zinédine Zidane at Paris Saint-Germain. Is the footballer in discussion with the Parisian club on a possible contract for next season? Reactions rained down in Paris and Marseille. And if in the capital, we rejoice, in Marseille, disappointment is in order.

Thunderbolt in Marseille. This Friday, the press announces negotiations between Zinédine Zidane and Paris Saint-Germain. It is rumored that the ex-footballer from the city of La Castellane, in the northern districts of Marseille, could join the club as a coach. A news that caused a lot of noise: among the Parisians, we are delighted, but among the Marseillais, the disappointment is deep.

“It’s a betrayal”

“It’s a betrayal,” laments a resident of Marseille. “It’s only a matter of money, there are no feelings.” Here, we invoke respect: “It makes me very sad. When you are a child of Marseille, you have to respect it. Everyone thinks the same thing.” Another, however, is more lenient. “There are Marseilles who have gone to Real, Lyon, Paris … People are on the move! We will not always stay in the same place and we go where it pays well too.”

In Paris, pro-PSGs are smiling. “I’m super happy, you say to yourself ‘Wow, this is going to be great news'”, rejoices a supporter at the microphone of Europe 1. “He is close to Mbappé, whom he wanted to bring to Madrid. It would be doubly beneficial.” Another highlights his achievements in La Liga. “He can only do good at PSG, he won three Cups with Real so if he manages to win one with PSG, that would be great.”

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