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A mysterious winner pockets more than a billion dollars in the United States


The MegaMillions has made people happy in the United States. The $1.337 billion jackpot was won in Illinois on Saturday. But for now, no details filter on the identity of the winner. The ticket was purchased at a gas station near Chicago.

It’s the second-biggest win in US history for a single winner. An American has pocketed the sum of 1.337 billion dollars by buying a simple ticket at a gas station in Illinois near Chicago. That’s about all we know about the winner of this lottery who may not even be aware of her victory.

The boss of MegaMillions advises all players to take a good look at their ticket because it will be necessary to make themselves known within 12 months in order not to see this exceptional gain cancelled. In recent days, the queues had lengthened in front of the shops to participate in this lottery which had not found a winner since mid-April, i.e. 29 consecutive draws without a jackpot.

Next draw on Tuesday

The lucky winner now has two solutions. He can either agree to spread his gain over 30 years or collect the amount all at once. Or $780 million after taxes. Something to completely change your life. The service station, where the ticket was sold, will receive 500,000 dollars.

As for those who still have hope, the next draw for this American lotto will be held on Tuesday. With a possible gain of 20 million dollars.

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