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a whistleblower launches an NGO for healthier social networks


Engineer and ex-Facebook employee Frances Haugen, who leaked embarrassing internal documents for the social media giant last year, announced on Thursday (September 23) the launch of an organization to clean up social media.

Entitled Beyond the Screen, this NGO “will focus on concrete solutions to help users regain control of their social media experience”the whistleblower said in a statement.

Document the flaws of social networks

Its purpose is to provide users with “tangible solutions” to help them take control of their use of the platforms. “Social media can allow us to give our best, and that’s what Beyond the Screen will work for”, she added. According to the press release, the organization will create a database in open-source to document the legal and ethical shortcomings of major platforms and identify solutions.

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Frances Haugen made a name for herself a year ago by leaking more than 20,000 pages of internal Facebook documents, and hammering before various parliaments that the social network put profits before the safety of its users. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, denies these accusations.

“We are seeing a coordinated effort to selectively use internal documents to paint a false picture of our company”said boss Mark Zuckerberg during the presentation of the company’s quarterly results in October 2021.

Beyond the Screen is funded by Project Liberty, an initiative of American entrepreneur and Olympique de Marseille owner Frank McCourt, and independent organization Common Sense Media.

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