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After Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima teases his next game on Instagram


the Creator of Hideo Kojima video games seems to tease something about the social networks. After the great success death strandingthe fans are wondering where the creator of the saga Metal Gear Solid will take them. Towards a aftera remake or one Game totally different ?

Hideo Kojima: a cryptic communication

Those who follow the creator and Kojima video game designer probably have known for a long time what we are going to talk about. Nobody knows what Hideo Kojima is working on, but he likes to let it be known. The character is very cryptic in his communication and he loves to announce his projects well in advance. Recently, it is on Instagram that he began to communicate on what will soon arrive in the boxes of his company Kojima Productions, and players are on the lookout to understand what he is talking about. To find all this, you have to go to social networks, and mainly Instagram. We let you discover what it is just below :

Do you have an idea ? Not easy… For some time, Hideo Kojima has been creating strange posts on Instagram. In the last few days he posted different photos showing the same clock. Sometimes she is at the top of the image, sometimes she is the subject or is a little hidden. Naturally, that raises eyebrows for those who follow him on social media trying to figure out what it’s really about. And it’s obviously not. Because at the moment there are five photos that have been posted, and there doesn’t seem to be any consistency between them other than the clock itself. Fans have been quick to come up with several theories, but so far none have proven to be really relevant. Between new game, new console or countdown, the ideas clash.

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Kojima: fans panic

Early fan speculation focused on the fact thatit could be a countdown. Something approaching or receding. But this theory was quickly abandoned. In 2019, Kojima hinted that death strandinghis most recent success on PS4 could have a sequel. We gave you more details in this article here. Some even believe that he could resume development of his canceled game silent Hill, although it is not especially possible since the license still belongs to Konami. Another name would then have to be found. Other more extravagant rumors speak of a collaboration with Microsoft and Xbox for an exclusive consolebut it is better not to rely on it, since Kojima seems more in relation to the competitor Sony, follower of narrative games.

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The best lead so far is from the last of his posts, as it says “6:1” This may be a clue for June 1 (01/06), which falls on a Wednesday. It is therefore likely that we will have to wait for this date so that something finally happens, and that we understand the hidden intentions of Hideo Kojima, perhaps the reveal of his next game. For now, these are only speculations, and it is impossible to know what the author is preparing for us. In the meantime, there is one thing that we know is that he has started the podcast and that you can find all the information about him here.

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