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Alfred can in turn run macOS Monterey shortcuts


Alfred was lagging behind other competing launchers, he is finally catching up by offering an official solution to run shortcuts in macOS Monterey. After Raycast and Launchbar, he is in turn able to search through all the automations created in the Shortcuts app and launch one. But unlike its competitors, it does not include this feature by default, you will have to add it as an official workflow.

The workflow dedicated to the Shortcuts app once installed in Alfred.

First limitation to note, this new function is reserved for users who have paid for the Powerpack, Alfred does not offer his workflows to users without a license. In addition, this solution may be interesting for the possibilities it offers in terms of customization, the workflow can be easily modified in the interface of the app, it is also slower according to my tests. It takes a second or two each time to get the list of shortcuts, including inside a folder, which is suggested here.

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That being said, Alfred can indeed search for and launch a shortcut, as advertised. By default, the execution of a shortcut is associated with the keyword sc and search for a shortcut within a folder to scd. You can even use the app’s universal actions to provide input content, whether that’s text typed into the launcher’s search field, or a file selected in some other way. If the shortcut accepts this content as input, it can use it right away, which is a good way to make Shortcuts and Alfred work together.

Use of the workflow to execute a shortcut, here stored in a folder.

When a shortcut is selected in Alfred, ↩︎ allows to run it and ⌥↩︎ open it in the Shortcuts app to edit it. This workflow requires macOS Monterey, as well as Alfred with a Powerpack license billed at £ 29 (€ 34.6).

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