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Apple announces discontinuation of macOS Server


Apple has just thrown the last shovelful of earth in the coffin of macOS Server. In a support sheet not yet translated into French, the manufacturer announces the abandonment of the development of the software from this disastrous Thursday, April 21. macOS Server will not be compatible with future versions of macOS, after Monterey.

Current users can, however, continue to use it on macOS Monterey (macOS Server has taken its time to be compatible with the latest version of the OS), and it is still possible to download it from the Mac App Store where the software costs €19.99.

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Since macOS High Sierra, Apple has meticulously stripped macOS Server to integrate its functions directly into the standard version of the operating system, like the cache server, the file sharing server, the Time Machine server… From 2017 , we also wondered about the interest of the software.

Is macOS Server still of interest?

Is macOS Server still of interest?

In this regard, the support sheet is a real heartbreaker, it indeed relates the various transfers of functionalities between macOS Server and Server in general. By dint of undressing Pierre to dress Paul, Server had lost all interest. The web page of the Apple site dedicated to the software is still online and lists the functions that have disappeared for a while.

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