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At your service ! Apple TV+, new on TV but not too much


The Services business is Apple’s second largest revenue stream, behind the iPhone but ahead of the Mac, iPad and everything else. What to take a closer look and draw a comparison with the competition. What are Apple’s services worth? Today: Apple TV+.

Of all of Apple’s content-based services, Apple TV+ has the steepest climb. The refusal of Apple, with a few exceptions, to build up a catalog background indeed prevents Apple TV + from playing in the same court as its competitors.

A gold-plated casting, but for what result?

By betting only on original creations, Apple TV+ is condemned to multiply prestigious productions which are expensive for a return on investment which remains to be determined. Of course, there are a few nuggets that manage to fit in with the times, foremost among which Ted Lasso that Apple aggressively promotes. We also talked a lot about The Morning Show, Foundation, Greyhound

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