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Audio Hijack 4: audio recording software is full of new features


An essential tool for anyone who needs to record audio from their Mac, Audio Hijack is now available in a brand new version 4. The development of this update took several years of work from Rogue Amoeba, but the result has seems to be on point!

The principle of the app does not change: in a very visual interface, blocks are placed on the window which are as many inputs (an application, an external microphone, audio from macOS) and outputs (speaker, recorder, live stream…). Between the two, editing blocks and filters can be inserted, to adjust the bass in real time, the compression or even the mono improvement. Connections between blocks can be changed manually rather than automatically.

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Three new blocks are appearing: Mixer, Magic Boost and Simple Compressor, which are intended in particular for podcasters to improve the audio quality of their recordings. The other blocks have received improvements of all kinds. Finally, the user will be able to pin the settings of the different blocks to have them more easily at hand (it is even possible to rename them to navigate through a complex recording configuration).

In terms of the interface too, things are moving with a new clear display which will probably take a little time for regulars to find their little ones there. The menu bar has been revised, and moved to the top of the main window, to access the collection of blocks (which includes a search engine), past recordings and the calendar of upcoming recordings, as well as the new scripts and session info.

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In addition to scripts that allow you to build complex automations, Audio Hijack offers support for Shortcuts. We can also configure a keyboard shortcut (hot key) to put the software in the foreground, no matter what we do on the Mac.

There are more than a hundred new features and improvements in this version 4 (the complete list of changes is at this address). The software is available for $64, or $29 for those with an Audio Hijack 3 license. A demo is also available which will add noise after ten minutes of recording.

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