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Bike, a new macOS app to organize your ideas on a map


Bike is the new app from Jesse Grosjean, creator of several text-related apps over the years, including FoldingText and TaskPaper, a text-editor-based task manager that’s been around for years. The text is always at the heart of this newcomer, which falls into the category of “ outliners “, these apps that allow you to organize your ideas in the form of a hierarchical plan.

Compared to the competition in this already comprehensive segment, Bike offers an interface as close as possible to a text editor. You can move from one element to another smoothly and especially move the blocks easily from one level to another. A concentration mode also makes it possible to display only one level and what it contains and all manipulation can be done exclusively on the keyboard.

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The development of Bike is not finished, but the whole is already promising. Its designer plans to add a system of themes and also modules to enrich the basic functions. Another positive point, the files do not use a proprietary format, they are entirely encoded in HTML and the extension .bike serves only to distinguish them from other HTML files. If the app disappeared, the data would thus remain perfectly readable.

Even though Bike is not yet a finalized app, you can test it and even buy it now. The price may be high for an app in this category: $36 (€33), with a Sketch-like model and updates available for only one year (but the app still works after that).

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Bike is an app exclusively available on macOS. It is optimized Apple Silicon, but is not translated into French and it requires macOS 11 at least.

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