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Bouygues Telecom improves its fiber offers… and further increases its prices


After the launch of the Livebox 6 by Orange at the beginning of the month, it is Bouygues Telecom’s turn to officially offer its Bbox Fiber WiFi 6E. As its name suggests, this modem is compatible with the latest generation Wi-Fi standard for an optimal wireless connection. Wi-Fi 6E is an important evolution of Wi-Fi 6, since it uses a new frequency band, that of 6 GHz, for much higher speeds at short range.

The Bbox Fiber WiFi 6E is included in the Bbox ultym and Bbox ultym Smart TV subscriptions (the formula without a TV decoder but with a Samsung television). On the occasion of this launch, Bouygues Telecom made other improvements to its offers, but also price increases.

Bbox Fiber WiFi 6E

The Bbox ultym subscription now costs €29.99/month for one year, then €49.99/month. Previously, it cost €28.99/month the first year and then €46.99/month. The operator has improved the upload speed, which goes from 600 to 900 Mbit/s. The rest does not change: 2 Gbit/s in downloadup to two Wi-Fi repeaters included and Bbox 4K HDR decoder.

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The mid-range Bbox must offer sees its upload increase from 400 Mbit/s to 700 Mbit/s. the download remains at 1 Gbit/s. The rate for the first year does not change (€22.99/month), but then you will have to pay €40.99/month instead of €39.99/month. The equipment does not evolve: Bbox Wi-Fi 5 and Bbox 4K TV decoder.

As for the entry-level Bbox Fit subscription, it now has a symmetrical speed of 400 Mbit/s, against 300 Mbit/s in download and 200 Mbit/s in upload previously. No increase the first year (€15.99/month), but then it costs €30.99/month, or one euro more. This offer does not include a TV decoder.

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New offers from Bouygues Telecom
Old offers

The prices of fixed Bouygues Telecom offers have risen significantly in recent years. Its competitors are also driving up the bill – just look at the Livebox Max offer at €54.99/month – but the increase is particularly noticeable with this operator who had been aggressive on the rate plan in the mid-2010s to catch up. In 2017, for example, you could have an offer triple play (internet + telephone + TV) for €27.99/month with Bbox Miami. Today the triple play costs at least €39.99/month at Bouygues Telecom.

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