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Call of Duty Vanguard: this pro player cheats live and gives the worst possible excuse to justify himself


Since their inception, FPS have attracted cheaters. And for good reason, succeeding in crushing your opponents requires talent, skill, responsiveness and composure. But to make the task easier, alternatives exist, like cheat software. A solution that video game publishers have been trying to counter for years, without succeeding. And unfortunately for this pro player, his “talent” was tarnished by the use of a wallhack. To justify himself, the latter put forward a lamentable excuse.

an excuse hard to swallow

To the delight of ordinary players, many streamers appearing to be talented expose their cheats live. Justifications tend to follow, some claiming a bug, others denying everything outright. However, many end up confessing. This is the case of the pro player known as pplehx who, while live, was caught cheating. On its screen, it is possible to see large rectangles displaying the position of enemy players at any time, even behind walls. A popular cheat software known as “wallhack”.

The #2 ranked player on Vanguard (“pplehx”) has been caught cheating after his stream bugged and showed he had walls

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April 11, 2022

At first, pplehx, number two of the ranked games of Call of Duty: Vanguardaccused a bug. An excuse to which the streamer will finally return soon after. In a tweetlonger published this Monday, April 11, 2022, pplehx admits to having cheated:

“I’m sorry to disappoint the community but I have to start by saying I made a mistake last night on stream, yes it was blatant boxes and I got caught but as dumb as the excuse sounds, I honestly started getting the hacks for the camos i started playing challengers i had a team after i was knocked out of almost every challengers cup i didn’t have enough pro points to play with players I thought were my level, I took as many as I could when ranked games came out, I messed up my sleep schedules and slogged for 10-15 hours a day to show who I was. I really was. I know none of you are going to believe me but I want to say I’m sorry for the people I played with, I didn’t mean to ruin someone’s reputation, I don’t didn’t want to ruin mine obviously. In the clip you can clearly see that I just got this s cheats, I was very naive with software/hacks. As most of you know, you are allowed to hide boxes from your feed if you are a good hacker. I’m at a loss for words of the actions I committed, I had seen the ranked part being abandoned and I decided to just grind since I was not known enough to play with people who either have my level of competence, or have known me. I never had it in my mind to want to go pro or anything. I just always thought Call of Duty was about entertainment. I had done 2nd in the leaderboard, and that in a legitimate way, so I started streaming to make myself known within the community and that’s how it started. I was playing SnD $8s throughout the game before I competed. I used to scrim (an unofficial practice between two teams) every day when I had the passion with my team. I did not think when I bought these cheats. It’s sad and brought tears to my eyes knowing that I’ve done this to myself and other people I’ve played with. I have emails of me registering on the site and buying these cheats. I know this community and none of you are going to believe me. I just want to apologize and not sympathize with this act. But there is no other way than to make this tweet so that you understand what I say, and that nobody invents anything. I don’t want to hide, I will never change brands and I will always be “plehx” or “plehxify” because if I change everything becomes more obvious and worse, I admitted it right after it happened . Either way, yes I know it’s wrong. I’m not sure I’ll ever tweet on this account or stream BUT if I do I will always watch the camera and show that I’m not a cheater and I’m better than the actions I’ve done, and I’ll also show it to LANs if I get the chance. I’m not looking for influence or sympathy like I said, I have no idea what I was doing. As you know I have proof and I will post it under this tweet. It surprises me to know that I did this honestly, so for those of you who don’t believe me, I get it. As the proof shows, “Artificial Aiming” is the website I used. Again I’m sorry I’ll never cheat in anything again I understand what it does to people on the other side as well as myself I played against them before it was fun . I am a real competitor and I have what it takes to be good without cheating. But when it comes to competing and even streaming, I don’t know where it’s going to take me. I apologize.”


April 11, 2022

A use that he does not try to hide and for which he apologizes. Nevertheless, the use of cheat software is justified here by the unlocking of camos, various camouflages for your weapons. This talented player would therefore have relied on cheat software to unlock weapon camouflages which are unlocked quite easily, although the challenges are quite long and repetitive. As explained in the tweetlonger, pplehx then published the proof of purchase of the cheat software along with the date of acquisition. A proof of purchase which aims to prove that the cheating was recent. Only, Internet users realized that the registration to the cheat site was older than the purchase. A peculiarity that does not go in the direction of pplehx. Several Internet users accuse him of having falsified his evidence in an attempt to soften public opinion. Hard to believe that the young streamer will manage to raise the bar after that.

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