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Coming out of standby (05/30): speed limits in Maps and feedback on Pride wristbands


Every morning of the week, listen wake up, Club iGen’s daily podcast! In less than ten minutes, we go around the news of the day before, with the addition of a test, an interview, or a return on information. All in less than ten minutes!

Yep, it’s Monday, back to a full week after last week’s black hole! To help you hold on, here’s a new episode of wake up with its burst of info to get started. And in the second part of the episode, back to the new Apple Watch Pride bracelets.

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Today Monday, May 30, let’s talk about the appearance of speed limits in Maps, which appeared over the weekend. One week before WWDC, it’s impossible not to mention at least one rumor about macOS 13, the one that wants Time Machine to integrate into iCloud Drive.

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